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E-Mail is the preferred method of order placement at Calico Connection.

Just follow these steps:
1.Activate your Internet Mail Service
2.Click On New Message
3.In the TO Box type:
4.Under SUBJECT type: ORDER (Please use all Caps)
5.In the BODY of the E-Mail: Type the following:
Your Name
Your Full Address
Your City, State/Province, Country, Postal Code
Your Phone Number (Optional)
Your E-Mail Address
Specify Method of Payment: Money Order or Personal Check

Sorry, we DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, especially over the internet.

6. Press (-) to minimize your E-Mail Message. It should now be on your Task Bar.
7.Browse our web site for products you wish to order.
8.When you find an item. Place your pointer at the Item Number.
9.Left Click, hold and drag the pointer through the Item Number, the Description, and the Price.
10.Copy Text.
11.Click on ORDER Message on your Task Bar.
12.Click on Body of E-Mail under your E-Mail address and Paste.
13.Repeat until you finish your shopping.
14.Print a copy for your records and press SEND.

What happens then?
When Calico Connection receives your order request:
We check for availability
Calculate Shipping and Handling, and any other applicable charges
Send by E-Mail your Order Confirmation Number, along with the Total Amount Due.

You will have 10 days to send by post the full amount due to:

Calico Connection
RD#2 Box 173
Oil City, PA 16301

Remember to write your Order Confirmation Number on you Money Order or Personal Check for proper credit.
We ship upon receipt of Money Order or Certified Check.
Personal Checks allow an additional 2 weeks to clear.
Note: If you do not receive an Order Confirmation Number within 2 days, there must have been an incorrect return address problem. You may resubmit your order, but please type REORDER on the Subject line.